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L’industrializzazione dei prodotti customizzati SPE: i serbatoi speciali in pressione fuori standard

The industrialization of SPE custom products: the non-standard special pressure vessels

The industrialization of SPE custom products: the non-standard special pressure vessels

We dedicate this article to delve into the concept of industrialization of customized SPESpecial Pressure Equipment– or special pressure vesselproducts.

Specifically, in this article we want to explain what SPE customtanks we make and what guarantees we give our customers through quality certifications.

Let’s find out more about it.

The production and industrialization of custom tanks SPE

The production andindustrialization of SPE custom tanks takes place within the SPE division of the Baglioni Group.

In particular, this business branch designs, industrializes, and operates the non-standard special pressure vessels, both in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Specifically, our production line is capable of producing customized solutions for the following products:

  • separatori
  • filters
  • compressed air dryers
  • PSA absorption columns
  • blowers, i.e., silencers for blowers and lobe compressors

Recall that the design and implementation of these solutions are handled according to specific customer requirements.

As a result, each item is unique and reflects the individual needs of the buyer.More information about our SPE custom components can be found on the dedicated page: Special Pressure Equipment .

The certification of industrialized and customized tanks SPE

In the previous paragraphs we introduced what our special pressure products are, now we want to focus on the certifications of SPE customtanks.

In general, we can say that our SPE products are not only customized solutions, but are also qualified and approved according to international certifications.

In fact, our products are designed and manufactured in order to meet both the requirements of the target geographical areas and the needs of the customer.

Therefore, if necessary, we equip our custom SPE products with several simultaneous certifications.

Specifically, Baglioni Group products can be designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable European Directives or according to major International Standards.

Being able to qualify our solutions with international certifications allows us to export our products abroad and meet customer needs wherever they are.

Find out what certifications we will be renewing in 2023 and visit the Pressure Vessel Certifications page to learn about all the others in detail.

Contact us for more information about our custom SPE components.