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Le caratteristiche e gli ambiti di applicazione dei serbatoi ad aria verticali di Baglioni Spa

The features and application areas of Baglioni Spa’s vertical air tanks

The features and application areas of Baglioni Spa’s vertical air tanks

Our Tanks division designs and manufactures an extensive catalog of air tanks, let’s find out the features and areas of application of these solutions.

In particular, our tanks are suitable for various uses both stand-alone and within integrated systems and are tested according to the relevant market.

In fact, we offer a full range of air tanks from 5 liters to 10,000 liters, made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Let’s go into the details of the offer.

The characteristics of Baglioni Spa’s vertical air tanks.

What are the characteristics of the vertical air tanks we make at Baglioni?

In general, our line of air tanks can be summarized as follows:

  • small-size
  • verticals
  • vertical high-pressure
  • oversized verticals
  • vertical vacuum

Depending on the context of use and the buyer’s needs, we can make vertical air tanks capable of working between -10°Cand +120°C. In addition, our solutions contain compressed air between 10 and 16 bar.

Thelarge product inventory and our ability to customize each solution allows us to respond to various market needs.

In fact, within the Baglioni Group, we have a stock of raw products that is able to cover 70 percent of standard requests.While as for special requests, that is, the remaining 30 percent of the market, our technicians are able to create ad hoc solutions and respond to the special needs of each company.

The application areas of Baglioni Spa’s vertical air tanks.

Having come to this point, let us dwell on what are the areas of application of the vertical air tanks we make at Baglioni.

In general, tanks are used to store air and produce energy in the form of compressed air when needed. These solutions can be used either stand-alone or in larger or smaller installations.

Commercially speaking, standard tanks can be classified according to their holding capacity, for example:

  • 1 to 50 liters are mostly used by pneumatic dealers
  • 90 to 200 liters are used for professional installations
  • 270 to 1000 liters are used by installers and maintainers
  • 1500 liters and up are used for industrial plants

More information on our entire range of tanks and the full catalog can be found on our dedicated page: Pressure Tanks .

Contact us for more information about our solutions.