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The energy transition in industry and Baglioni’s response with the Green Hydrogen supply chain

The energy transition in industry and Baglioni’s response with the Green Hydrogen supply chain

Every day we are confronted with the changes resulting from the industrial energy transition and the challenges mentioned by Europe and the PNRR to fight climate change.

As a result, it is crucial for us to measure ourselves and understand how we can do our part.

Let’s find out more about it.

Energy transition in industry: PNRR and the fight against climate change

More and more people are talking about climate change or incentives for decarbonization, but what are Energy Transition, NRP, and combating climate change?

Energy Transition is the transition from a fossil fuel-based energy mix to a low or zero-carbon, renewable-based one.

This transition has become necessary to save our planet from the effects of warming and a real climate crisis.

Data from Nasa shows that the Earth’s temperature in 2020 has increased by more than one degree compared to the period 1950-1980.

The warming of our planet goes hand in hand with climate change.

In particular, global warming can cause incalculable damage such as:

  • The melting of glaciers and the consequent rise of the seas
  • Desertification
  • The increase in extreme phenomena such as hurricanes, floods and fires

In addition, climate change also affects the development of plant species and creates incalculable damage to biodiversity around the world.

As if that were not enough, in recent years, in addition to the climate crisis, we have also had to live with a humanitarian and economic crisis related to the COVID -19 pandemic.

In order to revive the economy after the pandemic, the Italian government has prepared a series of incentives under the Next Generation EU (NGEU) program, summarized in the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan approved in 2021.

In particular, the government has allocated nearly €4 billion for the development of the national hydrogen supply chain, focusing in particular on green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen supply chain with electrolyzer BOP components and storage in response to the energy transition in the industrial sector

Over the years, we have developed and supplied several products related to the gray hydrogen supply chain.

In general, we are concerned with answering the question: how can a leading company in a conventional market respond to the European requirements of the energy transition and climate change?

Our decades of experience in providing tanks and storage solutions make us the ideal partner for the design, development and production of BoP (Balance of Plant) components for electrolysers and storage solutions.

In particular, we manufacture:

Contact us for more information about our solutions and to set up the system best suited to your needs.