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The construction of Baglioni Spa’s new Oil & Gas shed for stainless steel processing: Galliate 3

The construction of Baglioni Spa’s new Oil & Gas shed for stainless steel processing: Galliate 3

We are a company in search of continuous stimulation and opportunities to renew and improve, which is why we will soon be inaugurating Baglioni Spa’s new Oil & Gas shed for stainless steel.

Within the Baglioni Group’s Oil & Gas Division, we design and manufacture customized products to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.

In particular, we are dedicated to the production of:

  • heat exchangers
  • pressure vessels
  • air cooler
  • chillers
  • steel, carbon and stainless steel tanks

Let’s find out more about the new hall dedicated to stainless steel.

The features of the new Oil & Gas shed for steel stainless

What are the features of the new Oil & Gas hall we dedicate to steel processing?

The Oil & Gas division’s new hall will be 2,700 square meters walkable and will be dedicated exclusively tosteel processing .

Inside the new Galliate 3 shed will be overhead cranes capable of lifting and moving up to 30 tons of material.

In addition, in the area of sustainability, for this new shed we have included a water recovery system during hydraulic testing and the possibility of installing 300kW photovoltaic panels .

Finally, another special feature is the name: Galliate 3.

We chose to name the new shed this because in Galliate we have two other production sites dedicated to the Oil & Gas world.

It is important for us to be able to expand the number of production sites:

  • First, to be able to respond to more demands
  • Secondly, to increase local production.

In fact, thanks to multiple production halls, we are able to cover the full range of products custom made.

In addition, the multiple warehouses allow us to produce locally and, as a result, minimize production costs and reduce transportation costs.

Why the construction of this new oil & gas hall for stainless steel

We decided to invest in the project of a new Oil & Gas hall dedicated specifically to steel because it will allow us to expand our working horizons.

Specifically, we anticipate that in the near future steel processing will become very important for both theoil & gas market and other sectors:

  • Hydrogen
  • Food
  • Pharma

More information about our activities and products is available at the Oil & Gas page .

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