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special pressure equipment


The SPE - Special Pressure Equipment - Air Treatment Division of the Baglioni Group designs, industrializes and manages special non-standard carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessels.
The design and implementation of these solutions is carried out either on a one-off or repeat order basis and to specific customer requirements.

These are customized solutions that are approved with international certifications as the fields of application vary from the production and handling of compressed air, to high pressure and filtration.

The range includes:

  • Separators
  • Filters
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Absorption columns – PSA
  • Blowers
  • Custom vessels



For screw and vane compressors, these use fluid dynamics to separate the flow coming from the compressor. They can be opened to insert fine particle separation elements. On request, the separators can also be made of stainless steel, which may be the best solution if they are to be used in a harsh or corrosive environment.



Filter housings for cartridge filtration systems. They can be used in air treatment systems or in general for the filtration of any type of fluid. They can be supplied with various finishing treatments or in stainless steel



Custom vessels for air treatment systems such as absorption dryers or activated carbon towers.

The engineering department of Baglioni’s SPE Division and the design and production of special pressure vessels.

Today, the Baglioni group’s SPE Division tackles new areas with the same approach and professionalism that it has developed over the years. We have based our ability to design and co-design on experience that has been acquired in numerous industrial sectors.

We always take a proactive approach with the customers’ engineering department in order to optimize and improve the product. For this reason, if requested by the customer, all the processing aspects upstream and downstream of the vessel manufactured by the Baglioni Group in its facilities in Europe, USA and China can be examined in depth.

Our strengths lie in the fact that we pay great attention to communications with customers, the competitiveness and sustainability of our services, the creation of partnerships with stakeholders and the particular care we devote to the technical details. These features have made Baglioni's SPE Division the partner of choice for the leading companies in the compressed air sector and it has experienced a constant growth trend over the last few years.

Coordination of SPE projects at an international and local level

In the case of international projects, Baglioni's SPE division can coordinate design aspects centrally and then start production with the same standards throughout all the group’s production facilities.

If the project is local, each production facility of the SPE Division has its own engineering department that can work with the customer throughout all the stages of product design and approval.

Skilled team in



We are always looking for new solutions for logistics, products and processes.

We put our experience and expertise at the disposal of our customers in order to make them more competitive.


Our main objective is to minimize both production and transportation costs.

This is why we produce locally to cover our entire range of products, from standard to custom made.


Depending on geographical location and customer specifications, we design products according to specific approvals.

If necessary, we can provide simultaneous certifications.


We guarantee fast and on time delivery through project management and the flexibility to adapt to customer’s needs.

Logistics services are always designed according to the type of product.