The manufacturing and technical expertise acquired from the Compressed Air Tanks Division of the Baglioni Group allow the realization of a wide range of pressure vessels able to follow the needs of the market of the compressed air and oil & gas sectors.

The production is characterized by a complete range of vertical and horizontal air receivers from 1 gallon to 400 gallons, made out of carbon steel.

Baglioni also offers technical support for the development and implementation of custom projects according to customer specifications; including special finishes, external powder coating, internal ALM, pickling and passivation, and hot-dip galvanizing for vertical and horizontal tanks for air, water tanks, high pressure tanks, vacuum tanks and tanks for food industries.

The Tanks Division produces a wide range of compressed air tank to fit different applications; stand-alone and for integrated systems.

The pressure tanks of Baglioni Group, are designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable US Standards and according to the main international Standards.


- small-size vertical vessels
- small-size horizontal air vessels
- painted vertical air vessels
- high pressure vertical air vessels
- galvanized vertical air vessels
- vertical vessels for vacuum
- horizontal air vessels with brackets