Special Pressure Equipment

The SPE Air Treatment division of Baglioni Group manufactures and manages special pressure containers.

The acronym that stands for Special Pressure Equipment, indicates the wide range of applications in which it is able to operate with their own pressure vessels in particular in the oil & gas and compressed air fields.

Product features of the SPE:
-Customized compressed air tanks
-Pressurized fluid containers
-International approval and certification requirements

Although experienced (the first special was built in 1986), SPE is a young and dynamic division and has a strong drive towards international businesses.

Key features of SPE are the focus on customer communication, competitiveness and sustainability of its services, the creation of partnerships with stakeholders and the special care in all technical details. These features have made the SPE Division of the Baglioni Group the partner of major companies operating in the compressed air industry with a steady upward trend in recent years.

Today, the SPE Division of the Baglioni Group faces new fields with the same method and professionalism that has built over the years by basing their ability to design and co-design with experience gained in varying industries.

The approach with the customer's engineering is always proactive in order to optimize and improve the products.  For this reason, if the customer requires it, they deepen all aspects of the process, upstream and downstream in all the Baglioni Group plants in Europe, USA, and China.  In the instance of multi-national or global projects, the SPE Division can coordinate the centralized plannging and then start production with the same standards in all production plants of the Group.

Each plant of the SPE Division, has the technical office and capability to follow the customer in all phases, from design to product approval for local projects.


- Custom vessels
- Separators
- Air treatment filters
- Air treatment dryers