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Astra Refrigeranti in Italy specializes in the production of pressure vessels and SPE - special and custom tanks for the Oil & Gas market.


Astra is the Baglioni unit specialised in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels for various sectors and non-standard vessels to specific customer requirements.

The unit has 5 production facilities:

  • San Pietro Mosezzo facility – via Leopardi 27, San Pietro Mosezzo, Novara:
    production of air-oil separators for screw compressors, line filters, absorption dryers and small and medium-sized special vessels
    The facility is also the headquarters of the SPE Division that co-ordinates the relative activities within the Group.
  • San Pietro Mosezzo facility – via Dante Alighieri 12, San Pietro Mosezzo, Novara: production of custom made medium and large sized special vessels and vessels for high-pressure applications. Liquid and powder coating, assembly of vessel components
  • Corigliano d’Otranto facility – VIA S.S. 16, Corigliano D’Otranto, Lecce: Production of small and medium-sized vessels
  • ● Galliate facility – Via Antonio Meucci 1, Galliate, Novara: The facility that is home to the Oil & Gas division, with the production of shell and tube heat exchangers, air coolers, air chillers…
  • Casalvolone facility – Via Villata 2, Casalvolone, Novara Production of medium-sized vessels for the compressed air sector

The production is B2B oriented, mainly for producers in the EMEA. Other markets are covered by our production facilities in China and the USA

Our certified vessels comply with all the main applicable standards and directives.
Plant approvals for welding facilities: PED module D; ASME U; ASME UM; AD HP0; SELO; DNV; ABS.